RealObjects Enterprise Solutions and Services are designed to help you streamline the integration and configuration of our suite of enterprise_services_2_01content authoring and electronic publishing components. Our experts have many years experience and in-depth knowledge of the RealObjects product suite, helping you to increase efficiency, lower costs and meet your project schedule.

Companies that utilize our services gain more than a technical solution. They benefit from our services in many ways:

  • Accelerate the implementation of RealObjects technologies and reduce risk
  • Gain increased technical capabilities at a fraction of the cost of staffing up your own team
  • Quickly adapt latest features, functions and APIs
  • Speed time to market by streamlining and more efficiently integrating RealObjects technology
  • Maximize productivity by concentrating on the core value of your business instead
  • Benefit from best practices and a pool of expertise
  • Avoid disasters through proactive procedures

Our Enterprise Solutions and Services are of a collaborative effort which involves working together in an assistive manner helping you or your in-house development team to make RealObjects technologies quickly and efficiently work.

CSS Design

The styling-based processing model of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used by PDFreactor to print XML documents or Web content. CSS is a style language recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Although widely used and very popular on the Web, not many use it for print, mainly because common Web browsers do not support the CSS 3 paged media module today.

Thus the understanding of the remarkable CSS 3 page layout and automatic pagination capabilities might be limited in your organization. Hiring a Web professional with in-depth CSS 3 knowledge can be a challenging task as well. Besides that, you might only need external know-how for a limited period of time to rapidly launch your project using RealObjects’ technology.

So, entrust your project or selected tasks to someone who knows how to bring targeted, sustainable know-how to your organization.

  • Implementation and/or operation phase
  • Access extensive RealObjects expertise
  • Quickly adapt enhanced features, functions and APIs
  • Support your own team
  • Easily locate sources of trouble
  • Reduce time and costs
  • Off-site
  • Individually based on customer’s request and system requirements
  • Simply provide the content and layout you wish to print, answer a few questions on the design aspects and we will write your style sheet. When it’s done you can review the results and request any changes you desire. When you are completely satisfied with our work you can handle the style sheet maintenance yourself or we can take care of maintaining it for you.

For further info and a complete quotation, please feel free to contact our Support Team.


We do our best to build products which satisfy all your needs. However, sometimes you may find out that the product is lacking some features which are important for you. What to do?

Our developer team consists of highly skilled professionals who have a wide experience in Java. The best proof of our professionalism are our products that are all developed by our team. Having each line of product code at our fingertips and having obtained rich experience in this unique area of Java development, the RealObjects team will make all the improvements you require quickly and with the highest quality. All modifications will be closely integrated with the product.

  • Please keep in mind that we do not take every custom job. The only custom job we do is customization of our products. We always open to add new features to our products which can improve them. Please note, we always reserve to ourselves the right to re-use the result of the custom job in the future. We are reluctant to do anything exclusive.
  • Implementation phase
  • Access extensive RealObjects know-how, e.g. Java, XML, XSLT, CSS, Webservices
  • Optimal utilization of enhanced features, functions and APIs, e.g. implementation of PDFreactor custom formatter
  • Familiarization with new APIs by your own team is not required
  • Quick implementation of requirements and custom adaptations
  • Reduce time and costs
  • Off-site
  • Detailed specification by customer is required
  • The estimation of a custom job is always individual. The final fixed price depends on many factors like the amount of time necessary to complete the project, urgency (typically the time of each developer is tightly scheduled), usefulness of the feature for the product, and others.

For further info and a complete quotation, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

More Services

Although RealObjects products are usually simple to install and get going, it can be useful sometimes to have a helping hand if your setup is more complex or a you need help with some of the more advanced features of our product.

This saves your developers time and frustration and saves you money. Our Enterprise Solutions and Services can also make the difference between a successful and smooth rollout of new technology and a failure to successfully implement crucial technology within allowable timeframes.

We actually have a focus on providing services (e.g. CSS Design and Customization) off-site, but in individual cases we may also offer on-site services such as:

For further info and a complete quotation, please feel free to contact our Support Team.