Partner with RealObjects and make your business thrive

Whether you provide services, solutions, or a combination of both, RealObjects is committed to your success. The objective of our OEM partner and reseller program is to help you create a sustainable business model using industry-leading technology. We concentrate on delivering programs that bring new opportunities to you in a fast-changing environment where customers require value-added services, and focused, up-to-the-minute technical expertise!

Our OEM Partners

Partnering with us makes sense – we help you to develop and distribute optimum publishing and/or editing power for today’s business advantage. Merging your applications with ours provides you with the leading electronic publishing and/or dynamic content authoring tools. You will want to take advantage of our publishing and/or authoring product lines. Come on board with us, and watch your profits grow!

Our strategic OEM partners are:

4Dconcept Headquartered in France, 4Dconcept offers a wide range of solutions, products and services in the field of editorial and technical content management, to help clients to create, use, publish and distribute all their cross-media content. 4Dconcept’s flagship is an innovative and powerful documentation system. Being an OEM partner, 4Dconcept integrates RealObjects PDFreactor into its ADAM Software Suite in order to enhance publishing and distributing of technical documentation.

aixigo AG is the largest independent provider of technology for financial advice and support (FinTech) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Among its customers are mainly banks, insurance companies and financial service providers. aixigo AG offers investment advice, portfolio management, pension advice, robo-advisor, financial advisor, personal finance management application and bank to go solutions. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Aachen, Germany. As an OEM partner aixigo AG integrates RealObjects PDFreactor into the aixigo:one platform in order to offer comprehensive reports as part of the financial advice and analysis modules.

CONTENTSERV Contentserv is the leading provider of holistically integrated Enterprise Marketing Information Management Solutions for the web-based, and highly automated organization and implementation of marketing and media processes in Multichannel Marketing. The LNC Market Performance Wheel rates Contentserv as a perfect solution in particular for medium sized businesses. Product and Media Information Management, publication and planning processes are streamlined with central product information and considerable savings in costs and time are achieved. For quick and consistent communication across all channels – whether online or offline. Being an OEM Partner Contentserv integrates RealObjects PDFreactor into the CONTENTSERV Enterprise Marketing Management Solution.

Epic Systems Corporation Headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin privately held Epic Systems Corporation develops, installs, and supports software for medical groups, hospitals, and integrated healthcare organizations. As an OEM partner Epic integrates RealObjects PDFreactor into the Epic Suite, allowing multiple print streams involved in the Epic print server system.

Infoland offers care, education and business solutions for quality, intranet, websites and security management. Under the terms of the OEM agreement, Infoland integrates RealObjects edit-on Pro into its solution iProva in order to offer enhanced authoring capabilities to iProva users.

K15t‘s mission is to amplify the Atlassian experience for everybody by providing innovative apps and services that extend Atlassian’s products in over 5000 organizations worldwide. The Scroll Apps for Confluence help teams modernize how they author and manage content and documentation, while Backbone Issue Sync for Jira enables project collaboration across departmental and B2B boundaries. What’s more, K15t’s Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner services help clients get the most from Atlassian products for over 300,000 users worldwide. As an OEM partner K15t integrates RealObjects PDFreactor into its Scroll PDF Exporter add-on for Atlassian Confluence.

Neota Logic Inc. provides an integrated suite of tools with which to develop, test, maintain and deliver expert applications, which can be embedded in business systems or consulted interactively in a browser, on a computer or smartphone. Centerpiece is the Neota Logic System (NLS), a modular software solution which allows the transformation of expertise into answers and action – in law, compliance, risk management, accounting, human resources, environmental regulation, medicine and other fields. As an OEM partner Neota Logic integrates RealObjects HTML authoring solution Martha Editor Framework (built on Project MARTHA) into various NLS modules in order to provide sophisticated and powerful HTML editing functionality.

Ortec Finance is a global provider of technology and advisory services for risk and return management for pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, real estate and private wealth managers. Established in Rotterdam in 1981, Ortec Finance has 160 employees and over 350 clients worldwide. As an OEM partner, Ortec Finance integrates RealObjects PDFreactor in its software solutions for asset-liability management, performance measurement and risk attribution, and financial planning.

ZeOmega Headquartered in Plano, Texas ZeOmega is the premier enabler of value-based care. They provide technical solutions to facilitate collaboration among healthcare stakeholders. Their HIE-enabled Jiva Population Health Management Solution provides a low cost, rapidly deployable infrastructure that helps healthcare organizations overcome interoperability issues to achieve Triple Aim goals of lowering the per capita cost of care, increasing care quality, and improving patient satisfaction. Being an OEM partner, ZeOmega integrates RealObjects Nimbudocs Editor and PDFreactor into the Jiva Population Health Management Solution in order to provide powerful document authoring and PDF generation functionality.

Integrate our products into your enterprise application, and provide your users with unmatched electronic publishing and/or multi-platform authoring capabilities. Our tools will simplify and streamline the process of electronic publishing and/or content authoring within your system, and provide your organization with these additional benefits:

  • RealObjects focuses exclusively on creating and deploying the most innovative and progressive technology. This means that by “outsourcing” to us, and letting our skilled team of developers keep your systems up-to-date, you will have time to focus on what’s really important – your core business and profits.
  • Improved quality and extension of electronic publishing and/or content authoring power within your application. Our full-time team of development experts works to provide you with cutting-edge solutions for the leading market advantage. Our development is driven by the latest software engineering methods and a sophisticated automated build and test infrastructure.
  • Our tools save you money and help you reach your profit potential. By streamlining your applications with our software, you can make the most of your systems to move your products and services to the market faster.
  • Premium support schemes in order to i) reduce system downtime with helpful, proactive technical services, ii) maximize your knowledge and effective use our technology, through joint process development with the help of our skilled technical service team, iii) enhance your productivity with extensive, customizable, technical support options, and iv) take advantage of enhanced RealObjects system and maintenance benefits.

OEMs that wish to include RealObjects software in their products and services that are subsequently resold, require a special license and are welcome to contact us.

Our VAR Partners

Value Added Resellers developing and delivering dynamic web-based applications to small and mid-sized enterprises and organizations can easily add RealObjects’ platform independent authoring tools to their solutions’ set.

Our VAR partners are:


Other Alliances

To help deliver the innovations, tools and technologies that organizations need and to further improve the quality and functionality of our software products, RealObjects is involved in the following industry alliances and partnerships.

PDF Association RealObjects is a member of the PDF Association, a cooperation between numerous world-leading companies and experts in PDF technology. With the PDF/A Competence Center which is part of the PDF Association it aims to promote the exchange of information and experience in the area of long-term archiving in accordance with ISO 19005: PDF/A. The partnership provides RealObjects access to extensive expertise, strengthening the development and improvement of its flagship product PDFreactor in terms of PDF/A compliance.

Pimcore is an award winning open-source digital experience platform (recently named Gartner Cool Vendor), which delivers significant business value. Enterprises choose Pimcore because it seamlessly integrates 4 applications – Product Information Management (MDM/PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Web Content Management (WCM) and digital commerce. The software is licensed open-source and available free of charge. Because the Pimcore organization believes that control over business applications belongs in the hands of its customers. Thousands, including Burger King, Audi, Dr Oetker and United Rentals have already chosen Pimcore. They are proud that more and more businesses worldwide are creating their digital world with Pimcore, benefiting from the comprehensive digital transformation services they provide. At present the Pimcore organization employs 150 people at three locations in Austria, India and the USA.

DeltaXML Ltd The RealObjects VersioTrack comparison engine leverages the industry leading DeltaXML technology from DeltaXML Ltd, a specialist provider of XML change control solutions to the publishing industry. Over nine years of R&D effort and unmatched expertise in this specialist field stand behind the DeltaXML technology.

Lingsoft, Inc. RealObjects has integrated Lingsoft Proofreader software library into Project MARTHA, making MARTHA based authoring solutions ready for Lingsoft’s proofing tools. MARTHA OEMs and major clients can now acquire Lingsoft’s proofing tools in various languages. The modules are provided as plug-ins and can be quickly activated. Lingsoft is an international full-service provider of corporate language management solutions, including translations and glossaries, writing and reading tools, language structure analysis for search and text mining, and speech-enabled services. Lingsoft is a long-time supplier of proofing tools for Microsoft Office.