Our customers around the world

Thousands of users around the globe use our products to streamline the process of online content authoring and electronic publishing. Within the world market, we maintain over 2500 corporate customers in over 40 countries, and we want to keep that figure growing!

Therefore, we make customer satisfaction a primary initiative, combining top-quality technology with a responsive service team which works to help you make the most of your systems. Customers come first; our high product and service standards are unprecedented, and we work to expand our customer base with this philosophy.

At RealObjects, we aim to provide you with the support and services you need to optimize your content management strategy. Please take a look at the customers who currently benefit from our technology. You will see that we provide specially-tailored products for a wide and diverse range of clientele, from small businesses to multi-national corporations, educational institutions as well as government and non-profit organizations. A listing of our OEM partners/customers is shown within the Partners section.




Thanks for the response, you were very thorough in answering my questions, something that is not done by most support groups from other companies. I like the fact that every time I ask your support a question, no matter what the question, I never have to ask for clarity on the response. As always, RealObjects support is very punctual, concise, and to the point. Great work!

Vielen herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe, wir fühlen uns bei RealObjects sehr gut aufgehoben. In der heutigen Zeit werden den Supportleistungen meiner Ansicht nach oftmals nicht genügend Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt. Nicht so bei Ihnen, und drum ist es mir ein Anliegen, dass dies auch gewürdigt wird. Vielen Dank, einfach genial.

I’d just thought I’d pass on my thanks. Our Internet Development Group has commented a few times on how prompt and good your support is.

Many thanks for your prompt response to the SunGard Higher Education issues. We appreciate your hard work and feel we have a solid partner working besides us.

I don’t foresee any need for additional customer support… we have had good luck with your product. Easy to install, easy to configure, and very easy to integrate!

Your company is fast, courteous, and very professional to deal with. Thank you.

Thanks for the quick response. We are very pleased with the speed your support team works.

Thank you, that fixed it. Also can I add that with all of the support teams I have ever dealt with you are by far and away the fastest and most efficient!!!

Danke für die Hilfe, euer Support ist wirklich super!!!!!! Das findet man selten!

Allgemein möchte ich Ihnen und dem gesamten RealObjects Support mein Kompliment aussprechen. Sie und Ihre Kollegen bieten im Vergleich mit anderen Firmen, deren Support ich ebenfalls öfters in Anspruch nehme, mit Abstand die beste Leistung.

Ich bin übrigens mit Ihren Reaktionszeiten und dem damit gebotenen Service sehr zufrieden!

Case Studies

RealObjects WYSIWYG editing solutions are used by leading organizations in financial services, education, IT services, media & press, manufacturing, healthcare & pharmaceutical, and many other industries to provide cross-platform web content authoring functionality to a wide range of applications. Our customers range from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions as well as government and non-profit organizations.

At RealObjects, we take pride in the results our customers achieve. We invite you to review our customer case studies to find out how our editing solutions have helped others optimize user productivity by streamlining their web content authoring process.

The PDFreactor case studies can be found here.

MARTHA at the European Patent Office (EPO)

The European Patent Office has embedded a RealObjects’ Martha-based XHTML editor into Trimaran, a major application deployed to 4000 patent examiners.

The European Patent Office (EPO) has been serving inventors and companies in Europe since 1977. Today, the EPO is the second largest European organization with 6700 employees from some 30 nations at five sites in four countries. In 2008 the EPO processed about 150,000 applications and granted nearly 60,000 patents.

Read why the EPO, the second largest European organization, choose MARTHA instead of WordPerfect 6.1, Microsoft Word or other Java HTML/XML authoring solutions:

English (PDF)        German (PDF)

The MARTHA-based XHTML editor was also featured in an article of the EPO in-house magazine gazette 10/09.

edit-on NG

Infoland integrates RealObjects edit‐on® NG in its document management system iDocument

Infolandinfoland_screenshot – a Dutch independent software vendor – provides software solutions to the healthcare and welfare sector and has established a strong position in these markets. Over 350 organizations in the Netherlands and Belgium make use of one or more products of Infoland. Among them are over 80% of all Dutch hospitals.

As part of their integrated software suite iProva Infoland has developed the document management solution iDocument, which offers WYSIWYG editing of HTML documents powered by edit-on NG.

Read this case study to learn how Infoland fully utilizes edit-on NG’s custom adaptability and interfaces, offering an outstanding and seamless integrated editing environment to their clients.

English (PDF)        German (PDF)

edit-on JavaBean SDK

New Text Editor in TopEase®

pulinco_screenshotpulinco engineering ag has successfully developed and marketed the TopEase Approach and the corresponding software platform TopEase XBench for more than a decade. TopEase is recognized as the leading platform for holistic and integrated corporate modeling and is deployed by national and international companies alike as a strategic control instrument for tackling complexity and achieving sustainable corporate development.

Read this case study to learn why pulinco replaced their Java JTextPane based HTML editor and see how the edit-on JavaBean SDK provides unmatched WYSIWYG description text editing functionality to pulinco’s software platform TopEase XBench.

English (PDF)        German (PDF)

SafeHarbor builds RealObjects edit-on® JavaBean SDK 4 into HTML Content Management System

SafeHarbor Technology Corporation designs and rapidly deploys online support environments that transform and optimize customer support interactions. Since 1998, SafeHarbor has implemented more than 100 customer support solutions. SafeHarbor’s latest business solution, code-named Project Falcon, offers non-technical access to enterprise content management functionality. This makes Project Falcon one of the most powerful Internet publishing tools in the industry today.

Read this case study to learn how RealObjects edit-on JavaBean Rich Text Client can provide powerful HTML content creation and management for non-technical end users who would prefer to have no knowledge of HTML syntax and structures. Besides that, this case study clearly demonstrates why the RealObjects editing technology outperforms editor solutions based on Sun’s JEditorPane control.

English (PDF)        German (PDF)

Gentleware AG integrates RealObjects edit-on® JavaBean Rich Text Client into Poseidon for UML

The Gentleware AG develops and distributes UML modeling tools and related products. Their software Poseidon for UML is the world’s most downloaded commercial UML tool, with over 1,200,000 copies distributed to over 100 countries. Through the integration of the RealObjects edit-on JavaBean Rich Text Client Gentleware added comprehensive WYSIWYG editing functionality to the entire Poseidon for UML product line.

Read this case study and see how edit-on JavaBean SDK increased user-friendliness and streamlined the overall creation of XHTML documentation within Poseidon for UML. You can also visit Gentleware’s Website and download e.g. the free Poseidon for UML Community Edition 4.x in order to experience this sophisticated UML modeling tool together with our editor live.

English (PDF)        German (PDF)

edit-on Pro

DZ BANK integrates RealObjects edit-on® Pro into a web-based system for processing loan applications

The DZ BANK AG is already the fifth largest banking group in Germany and is the 34th largest bank in the world. In partnership with over 1,100 cooperative banks, the DZ BANK AG provides products and services in all relevant customer segments, liquidity management and refinancing management. The bank streamlined their Business Process Management (BPM) System for high-volume corporate credit loan processing through the integration of edit-on Pro, offering administrators and analysts a high-performance, user-friendly tool for the creation of analyses and other word processing tasks.

Read this case study and see how edit-on Pro improved system efficiency and significantly increased user-friendliness when processing corporate credit loans.

English (PDF)        German (PDF)

Deutscher Sparkassenverlag integrates RealObjects edit-on® Pro 4 into KMAUS

The DSV group (Deutscher Sparkassenverlag) [German savings bank’s publishing house] based in Stuttgart has more than 1600 employees, a turnover of € 621 million and is one of the largest publishing houses in Germany. With KMAUS (KartenMedien-AUSgabeservice) [Card Media Delivery Service] the DSV group  offers an economical service for sending bankcards and/or PIN numbers. An important part of this service is the ability to change the contents of the letter layout and body online.

Read this case study and see how edit-on® Pro 4 allows fast, efficient and convenient creation of card and PIN number letters.

English (PDF)        German (PDF)

University of Paderborn integrates RealObjects edit-on® Pro 4 into Open Source CMS Typo3

With about 14.000 students and 1.764 employees the University of Paderborn belongs to the most important educational institutions in Germany. Using the free edit-on Pro 4 TYPO3 Extension they integrated our editor into the very popular Open Source Content Management System TYPO3. With TYPO3 and the comfortable platform-independent editor edit-on Pro 4, Paderborn University has found an efficient and economical combination that fulfils the requirements of topicality and comfort for administration of web sites in a heterogeneous environment.

Read this case study and see how edit-on Pro 4 leverages the cost saving benefits of an Open Source Content Management System in a educational or corporate environment.

English (PDF)        German (PDF)