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Create raster images from your documents

The PDFreactor Raster Image Output option enables you to use PDFreactor to create images from your HTML documents. Generate quick previews or thumbnails for all your documents, or use it to create high-fidelity images.

Image formats diversity

PDFreactor RIO can output images in these formats:

  • JPEG

  • PNG (optionally with transparent background)

  • BMP

  • GIF

  • Multipage TIFF (supports multiple compression mechanisms incl. LZW and CCITT)

Complete control over the output

Create one long, continuous image that displays the entirety of your document, or specify a viewport size to create an image looking exactly like a screenshot from a browser. You can also create a number of images that depict that same document as individual pages, just like a PDF.

Document previews as thumbnails in a web application

For example, create thumbnails showing only parts of your document, create a series of images as preview for the PDF version of your website, or create an image that displays the entirety of your web page in one long, continuous image.

Browser-like rendering of a document

Benefit from PDFreactor

Since the Raster Image Output option is based on PDFreactor, it benefits from all features and advantages of PDFreactor, including support for CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Web Fonts and Barcode.

In addition, the Raster Image Output option offers as many diverse integration possibilities as the base PDFreactor version, that is: Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python and a Command Line Interface.

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The PDFreactor Raster Image Output option can be purchased for your existing PDFreactor license or on the initial purchase of PDFreactor. If you'd like to purchase PDFreactor RIO for an existing PDFreactor license, please contact support.


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