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RealObjects currently holds strategic OEM alliances with:

CONTENTSERV Contentserv is the leading provider of holistically integrated Enterprise Marketing Information Management Solutions for the web-based, and highly automated organization and implementation of marketing and media processes in Multichannel Marketing. The LNC Market Performance Wheel rates Contentserv as a perfect solution in particular for medium sized businesses. Product and Media Information Management, publication and planning processes are streamlined with central product information and considerable savings in costs and time are achieved. For quick and consistent communication across all channels – whether online or offline. Being an OEM Partner Contentserv integrates RealObjects PDFreactor into the CONTENTSERV Enterprise Marketing Management Solution.
Escenic offers strategic content management software for digital media publishing. Over 600 of the most dynamic and exciting news media websites in the world rely on Escenic's robust technology. As an OEM partner, Escenic integrates RealObjects' versatile XML Authoring Framework (MARTHA) in order to provide unmatched editing features and functionality to Escenic Content Studio.
Infoland offers care, education and business solutions for quality, intranet, websites and security management. Under the terms of the OEM agreement, Infoland integrates RealObjects edit-on Pro into its solution iProva in order to offer enhanced authoring capabilities to iProva users.
K15t More than 4000 organizations around the world use solutions from K15t Software to manage their information, content, and knowledge in Atlassian Confluence. Their Scroll Add-ons let everybody write, review, read, and improve content with ease, while allowing content editors to stay on top of the process from beginning to end. Founded in 2009 by Tobias Anstett and Stefan Kleineikenscheidt, K15t Software is an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Expert. In addition to the suite of Scroll Add-ons, K15t helps clients run Atlassian products for over 100,000 users around the world. K15t Software powers painless content collaboration. As an OEM partner K15t integrates RealObjects PDFreactor into its Scroll PDF Exporter add-on for Atlassian Confluence.
Neota Logic Inc. provides an integrated suite of tools with which to develop, test, maintain and deliver expert applications, which can be embedded in business systems or consulted interactively in a browser, on a computer or smartphone. Centerpiece is the Neota Logic System (NLS), a modular software solution which allows the transformation of expertise into answers and action - in law, compliance, risk management, accounting, human resources, environmental regulation, medicine and other fields. As an OEM partner Neota Logic integrates RealObjects HTML authoring solution Martha Editor Framework (built on Project MARTHA) into various NLS modules in order to provide sophisticated and powerful HTML editing functionality.
Limehouse Software (merged into Objective Corporation, Australian Stock Exchange: OCL) is a specialist in collaborative content creation, document publishing and stakeholder consultation solutions for local and central government in the UK. Since its inception in 2002, Limehouse Software has rapidly established itself as a leading supplier of collaboration and publishing solutions for public sector bodies across the UK, providing solutions to 250 customers including 200 local authorities. Limehouse Software is the only company to offer a single solution that enables document-centric collaboration and multi-channel publishing capabilities. more
Ortec Finance is a global provider of technology and advisory services for risk and return management for pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, real estate and private wealth managers. Established in Rotterdam in 1981, Ortec Finance has 160 employees and over 350 clients worldwide. As an OEM partner, Ortec Finance integrates RealObjects PDFreactor in its software solutions for asset-liability management, performance measurement and risk attribution, and financial planning.

Integrate our products into your enterprise application, and provide your users with unmatched electronic publishing and/or multi-platform authoring capabilities. Our tools will simplify and streamline the process of electronic publishing and/or content authoring within your system, and provide your organization with these additional benefits:

  • RealObjects focuses exclusively on creating and deploying the most innovative and progressive technology. This means that by "outsourcing" to us, and letting our skilled team of developers keep your systems up-to-date, you will have time to focus on what’s really important - your core business and profits.
  • Improved quality and extension of electronic publishing and/or content authoring power within your application. Our full-time team of development experts works to provide you with cutting-edge solutions for the leading market advantage. Our development is driven by the latest software engineering methods and a sophisticated automated build and test infrastructure.
  • Our tools save you money and help you reach your profit potential. By streamlining your applications with our software, you can make the most of your systems to move your products and services to the market faster.
  • Premium support schemes in order to i) reduce system downtime with helpful, proactive technical services, ii) maximize your knowledge and effective use our technology, through joint process development with the help of our skilled technical service team, iii) enhance your productivity with extensive, customizable, technical support options, and iv) take advantage of enhanced RealObjects system and maintenance benefits.

OEMs that wish to include RealObjects software in their products and services that are subsequently resold, require a special license and are welcome to contact us.

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