Appendix A. Fonts

Table of Contents

1. Font Sources
1.1. Core Fonts Pack
1.2. System and JVM Font Directories
1.3. Additional Fonts & Font Directories
1.4. CSS Defined Fonts
2. Font Installation
2.1. Recommended Fonts
2.2. Font Installation on Windows
2.3. Font Installation on Linux
2.4. Font Installation on Mac OS X
3. The Font Cache Mechanism
3.1. Controlling the Font Registration and Caching Mechanism
4. Font Matching
4.1. Matching CSS Font Families
4.2. Font Alias Names
4.3. Automatic Font Fallback

To be able to display text PDFreactor requires font data. This font data must be in TTF or in OTF format and may come from different types of sources (see Font Sources).


Using OpenType fonts requires Oracle Java SE 7 or higher.

It is recommended for a number of fonts to be available on the system PDFreactor runs on (see Recommended Fonts).