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Our customers include small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions as well as government and non-profit organizations. We provide content authoring tools to a mixed clientele base, fashioning our products to meet the specific needs and requirements of today’s professional world.

Our positive customer feedback reflects our strong commitment to providing you with leading products and support. Our remarkable service and technology standards outperform those of other market competitors, resulting in happy customers and a growing client base. Please take a look at what they have to say about our edit-on products.

Thank you so much again for your help! You guys are the best support department I have ever encountered. Heinzelmännchen solving my problems overnight.

Richard Persche, Project Manager, Hyperwave, Inc.

"Thanks for the adjustments to edit-on Pro. The way you handle our requests is outstanding! We hope you find our proposals useful for more customers."

Bart van Gils, Projectmanager Software Solutions, Infoland

"RealObjects edit-on Pro gives our customers the power and flexibility they need for serious web-publishing. Content can now be easily created at the source - the end-user - without any HTML knowledge. This is, how content-management should be."

Sven Evers, ROI Publishing on Demand
"Thanks so much for the edit-on Pro support, it's genuinely one of the best I have received for any product. It makes such a pleasant change to be able to deal with such helpful people even when you are on the other side of the world."
David Anderson, Application Developer, SPIKE

"Just downloaded and installed edit-on Pro 2.0 - there's more and more to love about this thing! Very good work..."

B.J. Blackburn, MCSD, Vice President Technology, Gemteq Software Inc.
"For a long time we have been seeking for an online editing tool which supports Apple MacOS. We are so glad that RealObjects' edit-on Pro now supports this platform. We integrated the enterprise edition of version 2.1 into our online course management system and we are very happy with it."
Jerry Li, Web Applications Developer, Educational Technology & Learning, Technical University of British Columbia

"Thanks for a nice applet. It is better than any HTML editors that I have tried to date."

Scott Price, Hunt Utilities Group LLC
"I don't foresee any need for additional customer support... we have had good luck with your product. Easy to install, easy to configure, and very easy to integrate!"
Jonathan S. Nickle, V.P. Operations, Mindframe Inc.
"Your company is fast, courteous, and very professional to deal with. Thank you."
Michael J. Sammut, Partner & CTO, Four Eyes Productions
"Thanks for the quick response. We are very pleased with the speed your support team works."
Eric van den Hout, Webmaster, Levob BV
"Thanks for the response, you were very thorough in answering my questions, something that is not done by most support groups from other companies. I like the fact that every time I ask your support a question, no matter what the question, I never have to ask for clarity on the response. As always, RealObjects support is very punctual, concise, and to the point. Great work!"
Nathan Miller, System Engineer, ServiceWare Technologies Inc.
"Thank you, that fixed it. Also can I add that with all of the support teams I have ever dealt with you are by far and away the fastest and most efficient!!!"
Kevin Holditch, Web Student, Schlumberger Cambridge Research
"Super - Danke - es funktioniert. Das Applet hat uns noch nie enttäuscht. An dieser Stelle ein großes Lob für dieses wirklich tolle Produkt und auch den tadellosen Support!"
Michael Frank, BMG Holding GmbH München
"Vielen herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe, wir fühlen uns bei RealObjects sehr gut aufgehoben. In der heutigen Zeit werden den Supportleistungen meiner Ansicht nach oftmals nicht genügend Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt. Nicht so bei Ihnen, und drum ist es mir ein Anliegen, dass dies auch gewürdigt wird. Vielen Dank, einfach genial."
Stefan Buhl, Zürcher Kantonalbank
"Danke für die Hilfe, euer Support ist wirklich super!!!!!! Das findet man selten!"
Tim Prinz, PAGE factory GmbH & Co. KG
"Thanks so much for the help. You guys really provide fantastic service. I appreciate having someone there to talk to when trying to build new applications around your product. Furthermore, edit-on Pro 4 represents an incredible improvement over edit-on Pro 2.x especially the elimination of the direct applet interface for a sleeker JavaScript implementation. Thanks so much for the hard work and for putting out a truly quality product."
Adam Kenger, Tech Team, Veritas Medicine Inc.
"Allgemein möchte ich Ihnen und dem gesamten RealObjects Support mein Kompliment aussprechen. Sie und Ihre Kollegen bieten im Vergleich mit anderen Firmen, deren Support ich ebenfalls öfters in Anspruch nehme, mit Abstand die beste Leistung."
Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Ulrich Lohrmann, Technologieberater IT Realisierung, Geschäftssparte Kartensysteme, Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag GmbH

"Ich bin übrigens mit Ihren Reaktionszeiten und dem damit gebotenen Service sehr zufrieden!"

Mag. Nikolai Neumayer, IT-Koordinator, FH Wien
"I'd just thought I'd pass on my thanks. Our Internet Development Group has commented a few times on how prompt and good your support is."
Pete Walker, Internet Development Manager, Institute for Learning and Research Technology (ILRT), University of Bristol

"Many thanks for your prompt response to the SunGard Higher Education issues. We appreciate your hard work and feel we have a solid partner working besides us."

David Arburn, Program Management, Luminis Content Management System, SunGard Higher Education

"Thanks for the new edit-on Pro release. We're really happy with the results. Now the symbol fonts look good in the editor when we open HTML which contain those fonts. We really appreciate your effort for making this available to us within just a few days. As a RealObjects OEM partner we are really happy with this outstanding level of support."

Robert Wielink, Sr. Software Engineer, Infoland

"Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your swift replies and changes of the edit-on JavaBean SDK source code. Good work!"

Christopher Robin Elmersson, Software Architect, Databyrån, Sweden
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